Editorial Services

“Trisha is amazing! From page one, she makes it clear that she truly cares about you and your story, and her passion comes through in her feedback – specific, detailed, and always encouraging. Her knowledge of the publishing industry is invaluable, and she’s great at speaking to what exactly agents and editors are looking for and helping you get there. No matter what you’re writing, Trisha knows how to find its strengths and to make readers fall in love.”

Ari Koontz, querying writer

Trisha has helped me to become a better writer—and yet I still can’t find enough words to describe how wonderful it was to work with her on my manuscript. She’s insightful, kind and encouraging as well as honest and direct. Trisha’s comments and edits were always spot on as she guided me through every step needed to strengthen my work. The end result is a polished manuscript that I’m excited to submit to agents and editors.  Thank you Trisha!

Lesley, querying writer

Hi! Welcome to TK Editorial, my freelance editing service. I am available to work on MG and YA projects across all genres, as well as select Adult fiction!

As an experienced writer and editor with enthusiasm for helping writers improve their craft, I bring a unique combination of editorial insight, industry knowledge, and passion for the craft of writing to my work. I have been writing seriously for over a decade, with the goal of a career in publishing, which has given me ample experience revising my own work and beta reading the work of fellow writers. Additionally, ​I have formal editorial experience, including a long internship with an independent film production company, where I read books and scripts and wrote reader reports examining the level of the writing, story structure, and overall quality of the work, and an internship at a large New York City-based literary agency, where I read and evaluated queries, manuscripts (both client manuscripts and requested material), and learned about the ins and outs of the publishing industry. I firmly believe in getting feedback on your work; without the editorial insights I received during the revision process for my last novel, I would still be without my agents.

Note: Due to the uncertain situation many people are finding themselves in because of the pandemic, I have significantly lowered my prices for the foreseeable future. I’m also very happy to negotiate on services/price if necessary!

Send me a message below to get the ball rolling; I’d love to work with you!

NEW! 1st 20 Pages Critique

Feedback on the 1st 20 pages of your novel, focusing on how it works as an opening, what needs to be improved to keep a reader’s attention, and elements like characterization and pacing. Flat rate of $15.

Query Rescue

Getting ready to look for representation? A good query letter is crucial to catching the attention of agents. As an intern, I read hundreds of queries, sometimes only spending a few seconds on each one. With this service, I will go through your query line by line, working to hone your pitch so it is as catchy as possible. Flat rate of $5 per pass.

Submission Package Critique

If you want a second set of eyes on your whole submission package, choose this option. I will provide in-depth feedback not only on your query, but a one-page synopsis (often a requirement at some point in the querying stage) and the first 20 pages of your manuscript. My in-line comments will conclude with a paragraph of feedback discussing the strengths and weaknesses of your first 20 pages. Flat rate of $25 includes two query passes and the option for me to read your revised version.

Manuscript Critique

If you’re looking for feedback on your partial or full manuscript on an overview “what’s working, what’s not” level, consider a reader report. With this option, I will read your partial or full manuscript, delivering 2-3 page letter with feedback focusing on my main areas of critique. Because I know how hard it can be to receive feedback, I make sure to include an overview of the elements I thought worked; we writers all need some encouragement! $2 per page, ~2 week turnaround. This service also includes an optional session to chat (via email or Skype) about any questions regarding my notes!